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The Shortest Nights is an annual celebration of British short film. With 46 short films across eight programmes, this year’s festival will bring fresh new films straight to your screens.


Join us online for the 2020 edition of The Shortest Nights festival on 26th and 27th September.



Prices: £5 early bird festival pass / £10 standard (+ booking fees)
Date: 26th & 27th September 2020
Time: Programmes begin with a live intro at the designated screening time and are available on demand for 48hrs thereafter.


Saturday 26th September:

1pm – AWKWARD (58min)
Sticky situations and awkward encounters are on the cards in this fun-filled comedy programme.

3:30pm – KEEPING ON (72min)
Endurance and hope are resounding in this inspiring mix of artful documentaries and thought-provoking, expressive films.

5:30pm – COMING TOGETHER (58min)
This uplifting programme of dramas celebrates the power of coming together amid personal challenges and social divisions.

7:30pm – WORLDS COLLIDE (70min)
Truth isn’t always what it seems in this stunning selection of cinematic dramas with a genre twist.

Sunday 27th September:

1pm – LEGACIES (69min)
Reputations are at stake and legacies on the line in these inventive, bold and darkly entertaining short films.

3:30pm – SHADOWS (76min)
These beautiful, female-led, intergenerational dramas delve into the echoes of the past and how they shape the challenges of the present.

5:30pm – REACHING (61min)
Wants and needs remain out of reach in this eclectic mix of films exploring the chasm between truth and what the world sees.

7:30 – HELLISH (54:30min)
Dive into the dark side with these delightfully disturbing and gruesomely great genre films.


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