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March 18th 2014 // 7.30pm

An evening screening of short films at Ritzy, Brixton from the very best emerging filmmakers

This month Short Sighted Cinema takes a turn for the worst, plunging into a dark abyss of pleasure and terror.

A programme of films journeying through crack dens and car parks, taking detours with dangerous dealers and getting caught up in crime.

Following on we’ll be joined by the filmmakers for a Q&A, banter and (responsible) beer.



 ‘HOLLOW’ by Rob Sorrenti:
Hollow is a sensitive observation about the nature of addiction. Exploring the idea that love isn’t always enough when it comes to getting clean and the inevitable sacrifice that comes with sobriety.

‘A MAN WHO DELIVERS’ by Jamie Jessett:
A short documentary shaped around an interview with an anonymous drugdealer (known only as ‘Mr’) and a series of text messages from his clients. Jamie Jessett’s poetic use of imagery and onscreen text provide an insightful and entertaining glimpse into an often unseen lifestyle.

‘WHITE’ by Dean Loxton (Instant Film):
A struggling Hollywood actress has a sideline, working through the night to support her dream. Devised and filmed in a single evening while driving across Hollywood, ‘White’ is the epitome of Loxton’s series of improvised ‘Instant Film’.

‘THIS WAY OUT’ By Staten Cousins-Roe:
A dark British comedy about Minnie (Poppy Roe) the oddball owner of a euthanasia centre and her desperate attempts to keep it from closing.

DISAPPOINT YOU (Jargon V.A ft Tinie Tempah video) – by Ian Pons Jewell:
A cop goes off the rails in this entertaining music video for Jargon.

& more TBC


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