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A stunning selection of films that explore lust, longing and loss in a powerful explosion of the senses.

TOUCH – Andrew Richardson
A silent movie following the relationship of a young couple through their physical contact as their desire to be connected creates moments of bliss, but also increasingly destructive behaviour.

HAPPY THOUGHTS – Layke Anderson
Evoking the ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster. Happy Thoughts is a raw and experimental reimagining of J.M/ Barrie’s classic story of Peter Pan and Wendy.

Haunted by threatening voices, a young man with paranoid schizophrenia descends into psychosis. As his hallucinations become more violent his rage turns against his family and their perceived betrayal.

MIRROR – Diana Olifirova
Every time we watch the film we project ourselves onto the screen. Sometimes it turns into obsession which has no exit.

MILAN 25 – Nina Pfeifeneberger
An animated musicvideo for artist Milan. Sometimes need to let go of who you are and go back to the source of your creativity, to that private, most honest place, where you are able to express freely who you really are and the magic happens.

LEFT – D. Winter
A 3075 individually left-hand drawn rotoscoped frame by frame silent short film about a child, their bear, and moving away from home.

KAT & DOM – Umut Gunduz
Kat and Dom’s first date was a romantic evening by the canal. Their break-up, however, was more of a drifting apart and lacked all the lustre and energy they once consumed regularly together.

A lonely man, struggling to find romance, finds love in origami.

PALIMPSEST – Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo
Palimpsest is a short film that delves into the illusion of destiny and the pit falls of its allure. It takes the audience through a journey of discovery to understand the past in hope of preventing history from repeating itself.

THEN & NOW – Matthew Hookings
September 11th 2001, A day the world will never forget. 80 year old George watches in disbelief as the news of the first attack is reported.

Love-and-Papercuts_2015_img_01Tyrone CU Bedroommirror

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