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A varied programme of films that explore the many natures of the modern female.

MATCH – Jennifer Sheridan, Matthew Markham & Tom Booth
The Darkball champion must be faster, stronger and better-er than all the rest. This is not just a short film, this… is Darkball.
MUCK – Sonya Quayle
Murray and Babs live on an isolated farm with their autistic son, Billy. For Murray, the time has come for Billy to move on. Babs is aghast and Billy grows anxious at the prospect of leaving the farm, family and pet pig he is so attached to. As Murray prepares the pig to go to market, a horrific incident forces Babs into a terrible life changing choice – husband or son.
HITS LIKE A GIRL – Harry Sherriff
Hits Like A Girl is a raw coming of age story that follows Kay McKenna, a 19-year-old fighter from Toxteth, Liverpool who has a serious anger problem and a fractious relationship with her agoraphobic mother, Kathy.
ZEMMY ‘WAITING’ – Riccardo Servini
A woman trapped in darkness has to overcome a variety of haunting obstacles so that she can be with her family again.
JORDANNE – Zak Razvi
Jordanne is a short portrait film about a 22 year old British female disabled tennis player, Jordanne Whiley.
TWO SEAS – Orlando Cubitt
Denied the future she dreams of, a teenage girl runs away to sea.
CAILLEACH – Rosie Reed Hillman
Morag, 86, shares her unique love of life out on the edge, on Scotland’s Western Isles.
(programme subject to change)
two seas


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