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Stories of the lonely, the powerless and the passers by. A powerful selection of short dramas that explore life looking in from the outskirts of British society.

THE OTHER SIDE – Adeel Yaqoob [6min]
A young girl takes in the world around her.

MURMUR – Aurora Fearnley [8min]
A young woman leaves the safety of her commune, but can she convince another to join her?

CHARITY – Jimmy Dean [12min]
Struggling to cope in a remote coastal town with her dysfunctional family, Charity, a sixteen-year-old traveller, is forced to accept her estranged brother’s return as he is released from prison. Starring Broadchurch’s Charlotte Beaumont.

AS HE LAY FALLING – Ian Waugh [19min]
Forced to migrate for work, Georgios has travelled to Scotland from Greece. A ghost in a foreign land, he digs peat for food and board on Bronte and William’s rundown highland croft. Trapped within a forced intimacy, Georgios discovers the stark difference between his disappearance and dissolution.

A PRIVATE MAN – Ben Spilling [15min] A repairman’s voyeuristic tendencies turn to obsession when a new tenant moves into his building.


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