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Leamington Underground Cinema Festival 2013 – Part Eight
Professor Kliq – Wire and Flashing Lights // Dir. Victor Haegelin, France, 2013, 2 mins

Animation kicks back in this über cool music video.

A music video for Plastic and Flashing Lights by Professor Kliq (a punchy beat-driven track which sounds like the love child of Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Justice’s Phantom Pt I), Victor Haegelin’s Profesor Kliq – Wire and Flashing Lights is a minute and a half of stop motion madness, with electric visuals sending shockwaves through the screen and down audience’s ocular cavities.

  We begin by watching a hooded youth tapping his jeans to an 8-bit rendition of the song’s main melody, before a cataclysmic explosion of drums and instrumentation transforms him into a walking wire model, strutting along a blacked out set as blocks appear and disappear into a mirrored floor, in time with the pounding music. Haegelin manages to cram so much attitude into his creation’s movements that we might well describe the wire model as the personification of rhythm and funk – indeed, at one point the model explodes into a series of sound waves, flowing in time to the music.

  The short is not without humour either, with the model freezing in a number of flamboyant poses before busting out some break dancing. This mess of wire is audacious in its creation of the sublime through its movements, that it does so effortlessly and with a swagger. As stylish and glossy as this film is then, there’s also a certain rough and self-knowing charm to it all – perhaps we should be in awe of the incredible feats performed by this metallic figurine (and to some extent we are), but there’s also a kind of cheekiness at play.

  An absolute pleasure to look at (as well as to listen to), Wire and Flashing Lights oozes style, and is sure to have you biting your top lip, tapping your feet, and nodding your head in time to the music.


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