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Leamington Underground Cinema Festival 2013 – Part Five
The Fifth // Dir. James Lloyd, UK, 2012, 6 mins

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A mesmerising story about the power of sound told in a mysterious way.

[dropcap size=dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a young man records a series of everyday sounds, from the rumblings of a train crossing a metal bridge, to the cluttered noises of people drinking in a pub, The Fifth washes over viewers with no explanation of its events, until the final powerful and breath taking moments.

  Beginning by drenching its main character in a smoky orange light, The Fifth sets a pensive tone from the very start. Coupled with Angus MacRae’s heart wrenching score (the beauty of which lies in its slight and melodic dissonance), this film builds emotion before we even understand what it is that we are watching. In an inspired piece of sound design, the lead character records seemingly mundane sounds as and when they occur, which are then transposed without any loss of continuity, to a hi-fi that plays them back as if they were the real thing. The protagonist looks on in pain as these noises sound out, and we become so engrossed in trying to decipher the motivations that lie behind this process that we forget ourselves.

  For a film that draws so much attention to sound, this touching short makes its lasting impact with a surprising finish, achieved through a careful use of silence in its final moments. Even without its brilliant ending, The Fifth would probably stand up as a solid piece of film – it is a tranquil and beautiful meditation on the nature of sound, and a revelation of the astounding complexity that surrounds us but often goes unheard. What really makes this short incredible though, is its poignant story. Made all the more impressive by the fact that it was made in two days as part of Raindance and Collobr8e’s ’48 Hour Film Challange’The Fifth is a truly remarkable film.

 The Fifth 1

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