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Naughtiness and nudity spill forth in Chloe Massey’s brilliant monologue piece.

Chloe Massey in 'ChatRoulette'

Leamington Underground Cinema Festival 2013 – Part Three
ChatRoulette // Dir. Alexander Thomas, UK, 2012, 3 mins
[dropcap size=dropcap]C[/dropcap]hloe Massey and Alexander Thomas’ ChatRoulette tells the story of a masked and naked woman who offers a series of men a tantalising choice over her webcam; either they can see her naked body whilst she keeps her mask on, or they can choose for her to take the mask off but never see her naked body. As Massey regales us with the responses given to her by various men when offered this choice, a pattern begins to emerge…

  Told through soft focus and a barbed voice-over narration, ChatRoulette is an interesting take on the first-person monologue. Written and performed by Massey, the main character narrates her experiences with startling honesty and a mischievous sense of humour. When we see the men she talks to, their lips move, but it is Massey who speaks their words. Similarly, Massey dubs herself, giving us the feeling that we are peering in on her memories – a story told in retrospect, and one voiced solely on her terms. But far from self-preserving, no-one is innocent in this film, with Massey’s sarcastic tone implicating its female protagonist in as much cynicism as it does the men in shallow perversion.

  Although adult in its content, the most grown up thing about this wry short is its refusal to characterise the sexual politics between heterosexual men and women as a straightforward binary. Sex comes in many colours, it seems to say – not just the black and red of a roulette wheel.

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