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Leamington Underground Cinema Festival 2013 – Part Seven
82 // Dir. Calum Macdiarmid, UK, 2012, 6 mins

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A sinister tale of one man’s greed told through an impeccable visual track.

[dropcap size=dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith its crisp images, slow motion sequences, and a number of smooth tracking shots, 82 is a slick but twisted film about a nasty individual – a postman who keeps a note of what comes through your letterbox and abuses this knowledge for his own gain.

  Nick Moran of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels takes the lead role, his hushed voice-over narration laying his thoughts bare, and revealing a moral compass that’s gone awry. Alexi Slater’s script strikes a careful balance between comedy and malevolence, so that in one moment Moran has us laughing, and in the next, we are recoiling in horror at the utterly terrible things that he has said. Everything is not what it seems however, retribution lies in wait.

  As engaging as the narrative is, 82 is also technically brilliant. Marty McCullin has infused the film with steely grey tones in post-production, capturing the hum drum of suburban life as well as providing a bleak backdrop for Moran’s chilling and sinister character. Without saying too much, there’s also a subtle use of visual effects at the very end of the film, leaving the worst unseen, to great dramatic effect

  With a host of awards under its belt already, it is unsurprising that 82 was short listed for the LUC Shorts Prize. A beautifully made film about an ugly man, Calum MacDiarmid’s 82 will leave a shiver down your spine.

 82 1

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