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As culture becomes more undeniably global, how do human stories unfold beneath the domino effect of international tensions.

These insightful and inspiring documentaries look at how ordinary citizens have become pawns on the global stage fighting ‘tooth and claw’ for survival.


Prices: £6 standard, £8 door (+ booking fees)
Time: 2PM
Aprox. Runtime: 54min
Date: June 18
Venue: The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick

Day pass to all 6 screenings available [here]

Unreserved seating. 



Sand Men

Neculai, Aurel and Raj all left their homes in Romania for the same reason – to seek a better life for their family. Now, in Britain, with their loved ones depending on them, they survive by creating sand sculptures on London’s streets. They try to find hope in the hardships they endure, while thoughts of their children’s futures keep them going.

Dir: Tal Amiran

War and Cheese Screenshot 1 copy

War and Cheese

“I heard destiny calling… I was going to be a cheesemaker.” When Oleg Sirota discovered his native Russia was banning all Western cheese imports, he quit his IT job in Moscow, sold his house and cars, took out a $100k loan and set about building a cheese factory in the snowy wilderness. “Russian Parmesan” was born.

Dir: Ben Garfield
Prod: Andrey Kurganov, Noemi Gunea


8.1 Degrees of guilt

Imagine experiencing the most devastating earthquake in Mexican history and being cursed as a kid by a collective trauma that turned every single opportunity in life into a deep sense of guilt. A personal journey back through a life of fear, guilt… and unconditional love.

Dir: Gibran Ramos

BF 1

Bloody Foreigner

Bloody Foreigner is the story of a young man who arrives in London in the 1980s looking for peace, having escaped his dangerous native country of Iraq, but the lifestyle is far from what he imagined.

Wri/Dir: Saoud Khalaf

Callng Home

Calling Home

In the midst of a business park in Bedfordshire, you’ll find Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre. Slotted in amongst the stocky offices of cement and the tall street lights that curve ominously towards the sky, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the 400 women that live between them; you weren’t meant to… Through phone calls, we document the reality of being a female asylum seeker inside Yarls Wood detention centre.

Dir: Jade Jackman
Prod: Sorcha Bacon

Journey of a Stateless Man

The Journey of a Stateless Man

The Journey of a Stateless Man is a short film about an individual’s struggle to find asylum, told against the backdrop of Calais’ infamous Jungle refugee camp.

Dir: Daniel Ali



Pat the barber has been living with and cutting hair for the homeless in Dalston for 22 years. As part of his philosophy of ‘Oneness’ – that “all humans are equal” – he created a space for the homeless when they had nowhere else to go. But with rising housing prices and an increasingly rundown shop, his future there is precarious.

Dir: Kate V Lewis


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