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Short Sighted Cinema is a hub for short film. Our vision is to raise the profile of short film, bringing the form to the mainstream audience through creative curation and engaging events. By providing a platform through which filmmakers, programmers, cinephiles and critics can come together in an inclusive environment.

Through regular screenings in independent cinemas and venues, creative commissions, programme distribution, collaborations and partnerships we are dedicated to ensuring that short film reaches larger and more diverse audiences. While screening at prominent venues across London, we also work with community cinemas and local pop-ups Uk-wide to provide and encourage creative programming.

Short Sighted Cinema events are inclusive to all audiences, pairing a high caliber of film and screening quality with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that encourages networking opportunities and creates catalysts for future projects.

Through collaboration and dedication, Short Sighted Cinema innovates the film scene and the audience experience.


What They Say About Us:

 “We need stewards and chaperones like Kate Williamson as the intimidating aspect comes from — as with all vast unexplored terrains — not getting lost in the unknown. Any scene, no matter how counter-cultural or irreverent has experts.” – Little White Lies [Cry Freedom: What Is The Future Of Short Film?]

“A truly enjoyable evening was had, with some of the best and most exciting up and coming directorial talent on show.”
– The Hollywood News

“The night itself is a joy… Each of the films had its own quirky charm”
Culture and Anarchy

“…an evening of roaring laughter and tender emotional scenes with vital moral messages… the shorts presented were absolutely glorious.”
I’m With Geek

“It was nothing like I expected… the atmosphere remained positive till the end.”
Broke In London

Audience Feedback:

“The atmosphere is unique, very open and warm and the presentation unrehearsed but always delightful. I can’t speak highly enough of Short Sighted Cinema, I recommend it to any film people I come across as the premiere short film night in London!” – Hardy D. Saleh, Filmmaker

Short Sighted Cinema is a great space in which to watch exciting and diverse short films and speak to like-minded people, in wonderful informal atmosphere. As a filmmaker, I really enjoy seeing SSC presenting locally-made films, and bringing the process to life through Q&A”Natalie Hobbson, filmmaker

” As a filmmaker, Short Sighted is a great place to see a diverse range of films, whilst meeting the filmmakers. Creating a great place for emerging filmmakers to come together. “Jaha Browne, Filmmaker

“Short Sighted Cinema manages to do what many short film nights don’t; well-crafted programmes that are insightful as well as entertaining, and a fun informal atmosphere for Q&As and meeting people.” – Adam Butcher, Filmmaker

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