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Tuesday 17 June // 7.30pm

Short Sighted Cinema present ‘#FAIL’; an evening screening of short films at Ritzy, Brixton from the very best emerging filmmakers.

Life just isn’t fair. From public humiliation to romantic failure, some people just can’t get it right. Short Sighted Cinema picks out the class fools of the film scene for an evening of short comedy films from the very best emerging filmmakers.

Followed on by some awkwardly revealing Q&A, embarrassing banter and red wine down your tshirt.

[alert type=alert-white ] Tickets £3 adv : BOOK NOW[/alert]

Gimp - Kate Shenton


GREEN by Sami Abusamra
Acclaimed documentary maker Sami Abusamra goes behind the scenes on Angry Birds.

HOW (NOT) TO ROB A TRAIN by Anna Maguire
Never forget how to play make believe games. Or tie your friend to (disused) railway tracks in the name of fun. Or save the boy you love from certain (?) death. Always remember how (not) to rob a train.

BABY by Heffernan & Fletcher + The Cell Productions
Sophie struggles to come to terms with best friend Meg’s new ‘mumsy’ personality and her own apathy towards motherhood.

FORGET ME NOT by Michael Beddoes
Relationships can be hard. Especially when one of you can’t remember you had one.

GIMP by Kate Shenton
Short film about a Gimp, a Dominatrix and a Alarm Clock.

& More!

Full programme coming soon. Watch this space or follow #Fail on [facebook].

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