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6th – 15th January 2017


There are few things to get excited about in January except for the wonderful LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL – and we’re definitely excited to be a programme partner once again!

We’ll be joining the festival to host and co-programme two events: SHORT LONGES with a Q&A after each film at the ICA & SKETCH NIGHT with live comedy acts at Moth Club.

NEW SHORTS: Short Longes (+Q&As)

From the streets of Tehran to the rural idyll of a French village to the world of TV comedy writing. Spend some time with the longer-form short film and meet the filmmakers in a follow-up Q&A.

Part One:

WITH LOVE, MY DARLING, Terry Sam Jr,  38 mins

Justine is an aspiring designer set for Paris. Jean-Paul is her lover. An impulsive country bumpkin with a hot temper. Confined to an isolated village where her ambitions are unmatched, Justine feels trapped by indifference. In the run up to the village’s annual festival, the couple rendezvous with Alésia – Justine’s wholesome younger cousin. In the heat of yearning restless adolescence, a night of jealousy and countryside debauchery reaches boiling point – temptations turn taboo.

EVERYTHING WE WANTED, Goran Stolevski, 25 mins

A formerly wealthy cleaning woman comes face to face with the school girl that derailed her life. They are each forced to face the difficult events that first brought them together.

Part Two:

MARZIYEH, Dornaz Hajiha, 30 mins

Marziyeh goes to a wake with her husband. Something happens in the wake that changes their relationship.

CLASH OF THE MOTHS, Fabio Youniss, 31 mins

After the second season of their sitcom flops, three friends try to put their issues with one another aside to write a new pilot. However, with past conflicts unresolved, the mood soon turns sour and tensions rise. Can they come together to finish the job or will one long night turn out to be the final page of their friendship?

Sketch Night (+ live comedy)

Laughs galore in this hilarious selection of short, sharp hits. Cold callers, mistaken identity, a job interview, role reversals, and guardian angels are all game for quick-fire comedy. Mixed in with live comedy from Wisebowm and Joan+May.

Film running order:

SUICIDE HOTLINE, Philip Clyde-Smith 9 mins

STALKERS, Fred Tilby-Jones 1 mins

STUD, Ben Mallaby 3 mins

THE WHEEL, Samia Rida 4 mins

THE POOL CLEANER, Sam Baron 4 mins

PUPPY LOVE, Graeme Willetts 3 mins

CHINESE TREACHERY, Jake Balfour-Lynn 3 mins

BEST MAN, Freddie Hall 4 mins

WELL HELLO THERE, Giles Ripley 2 mins

STANDBY, Charlotte Regan 5 mins

MIDDLE EAST SIDE STORY, Harry Jackson 8 mins

WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TOAST? Michael Healy 13 mins

standby – charlotte regan – comedy short film
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